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Salesforce Partner Dubai, UAE

Consulting Partner Program

Qinnovation has been in Salesforce (SFDC) implementations for around 10 years. Our story with SFDC goes back to 2007 when the founder of Qinnovation introduced Salesforce to the Middle East market and founded the first partnership with Salesforce. With 100s of large and complex successful projects, Qinnovation has demonstrated a strong proficiency in Salesforce implementations that goes outside the classical and standard implementation to developing complex software project on top of Salesforce.

Appexchange Program

Qinnovation is the only partner in the Middle East who develops large-scale applications for Salesforce AppExchange. BestCommittee is a unique product developed by Qinnovation and distributed using Salesforce AppExchange Market. Being a Salesforce AppExchange partner, Qinnovation is your destination for great business apps. We help transform your business with cloud computing apps for CRM and beyond.

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