3 Ways SAP Hybris Can Digitally Transform Your Business

SAP Hybris is one of the leaders in digital commerce platforms in the world. This platform helps its B2B and B2C customers grow lasting loyalty with their consumers with digital solutions across all channels. As a digital marketer, you can utilize SAP Hybris to simplify not only the way you do marketing, but business as a whole. Here are three ways Hybris will make life easier for you.

1. Knowing customer well to offer what they are looking for
The SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is capable of upgrading all your marketing efforts. It offers you every possible way to know your customers at a granular level and translate that understanding into profitability. For example, knowing how a certain customer group reacted to a certain social post can help you understand their sentiment level. The Marketing Cloud can also show you the primary interest of a chosen group. You can create truly targeted offerings and campaigns using this kind of targeted and customer-specific insight.

2. Offering one unique experience across channels
Customers still prefer the desktop when it comes to e commerce due to the fact that user experience is still not seamless across devices. The SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud can help you improve upon this and meet your opportunities in e commerce via mobile and all other devices. The solution lets you:
Manage orders from all channels – this helps you manage your inventory and supplies chain better.

Customize suggestions and promotions – Hybris uses in-memory computing technology, to revisit and process very large amount of client data at a very high speed delivering real-time marketing insights. Using the insights from users’ browsing history on your e commerce portal you can launch the right campaign at the right time and improve consumer experience that results in increased sales.

Handle product catalog and content effectively – this solution lets you manage all your product related data across all channels from one single platform. Using this you can launch all the content related to a product (videos, reviews and any other kind of content) available on all devices and increase chances of better engagement.

3. Offer better payment process and service experience
Use Hybris to fetch all billing data (across channels, third party vendors and purchases) related to a single client to simplify billing process. Complete the digital transformation of your business with powerful sales performance management and service that caters to all channels seamlessly.