4 Tips to Improve Your On Page SEO

SEO is one of the most important factors that determine success in the digital marketing field. This helps you get the right visitors on your website, generate leads and close more deals in time. Apart from choosing the right keywords there are many factors that can drastically improve the ranking of your website. Let’s see four of the top tips that you can employ to improve your ranking on the search engines.

  • Find the right long tail keywords
    The long tail keyword is an expression that your visitors use when searching on a search engine. A long tail keyword can also show what kind of content your target visitors are actually searching for.
    For example, when someone is searching for “how to do digital marketing”, the person is looking for awareness stage material on digital marketing. On the other hand, “PPC strategy for digital marketing” shows that there is a need for content addressing the advanced stages of the buyer’s journey.
    Creating content around a variety of long tail keywords covering all the stages of the buyer’s journey will help you pull a lot of genuine traffic and good leads.
  • Use proper title tags
    Whether you have two or 200 pages on your website, all the pages should have proper and distinct title tags. The web crawlers index website pages based on the title tags. Put the keyword in the title tag that you have used to create the content of that particular page. For example, if your content deals with on improving SEO, your title tag should contain SEO as the functioning keyword.
  • Write good quality Meta description
    Meta description is the small introductory paragraph that comes under the webpage result on a search engine. It is important to optimize this description accurately and smartly to let your visitors know what they will have on your page. This will help attract the right visitors and generate healthy traffic that in turn generated high-quality leads.
  • Tag your images carefully
    Search engines do not distinguish between images. Also, there are many blind visitors that are looking for the solutions you specialize in. That’s why you need to tag all the images on your website with suitable keywords and help search engines and visually impaired audience understand the content of your pages better more effectively.