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We help you realize your vision and solve business problems. Throughout the years, we helped large and small companies with technology based business strategies that put them ahead of their competition.

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Business Consulting

Qinnovation business consulting implements its own consulting methodology named “Vision Scoping”. A vision scoping project starts with a vision or a business challenge.

The vision scoping project allocates a number of consulting days with a clear scope and deliverables. During the project, we identify where your business stands today, where it needs to be, and accordingly develop a solid strategy to help your business achieve its goals.

The deliverables of the project are:

Vision Scoping Document with a list of recommendations. For each recommendation, we include a description, implementation plan, business priority and cost estimate.
A PowerPoint presentation summarizing the vision scoping and this is presented to the executive team.


A typical vision scoping project is lead by Qinnovation Chief Business Architect. With 20 years of experience Mr. Choucair has helped the largest companies in the Middle East shape their vision and transform their organizations. Check his bio on LinkedIn at 

How to get started

Understanding your business needs to create solutions to fulfil the needs is a simple but important process.

Arrange meeting with our Chief Architect

Let us assess your business process and understand what we need to perform for you.

Obtain a vision scoping proposal

Provide you with a set of recommended services according to your budget.

Transform your business

Sign and start project.

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