Convert More Customers Using The Buyer’s Journey

To turn strangers into valuable customers, inbound marketers rely on content marketing tools like blogs, special content offers, email marketing and many others. One of the most powerful concepts that help marketers create success with each kind of content is the Buyer’s Journey. The concept describes the path of what and how a stranger goes through before becoming a customer with a business. Here’s how the three-stage system works:

  • Awareness stage:
    During this phase, the potential customer visiting your website is getting to know the problem or opportunity related to your offering. So the content targeting people at this phase should focus on the problem and educate the reader about it from various point of views.

  • Consideration stage:
    At this stage, the visitors have gathered enough information about the problem at hand. They are now gathering information about various ways to settle the problem. This is a most critical stage where your content should link their problems with possible solutions, and therefore create a logical link between their need and how your offering can address that.

  • Decision stage:
    At this stage, the prospects have taken a decision about how to solve their problem. They also have gathered information about most suitable options. Your content focusing on this stage should talk about the benefits of your offering, the USPs and show why yours is the best possible solution for them.

The Buyer’s Journey helps you focus on your target customers’ pain points and understand their point of view while creating content. Plan and create content following this table to target each stage of the Buyer’s Journey and convert more leads efficiently.

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