What is Qinnovation loyalty?

A comprehensive customer engagement software solution that enables you to quickly rollout your own branded customer membership and Loyalty program. Qinnovation Loyalty state of the art SaaS design enables you to quickly and costs effectively configure the solution the way your business requires to achieve sustainable business growth.

Our SaaS based solution covers

Outlet management

Promote and publish the services of your various business outlets such as restaurants, hotels, spas, GYMs, shops, and others.

Points based loyalty vouchers

Create and manage points based loyalty vouchers across outlets. Customers will enjoy collecting points when they visit your outlets.

Value based gift vouchers

Create and manage value based gift vouchers among your outlets.

Membership management

Create members and classify them into various categories. Members can use an intuitive mobile app to stay informed about your loyalty offerings and their own rewards benefits.

Membership program management

Define various membership programs and feel free to sell such programs to your clients. You have full flexibility to define various programs and the benefits of each program on its own.

Membership marketing and sales

Market or sell your membership when applicable. This is specifically useful when you define certain program packages that deliver value for money programs to your customers.

Membership entitlements management

Manage membership entitlements such as customers’ ability to access specific facilities or enjoy special price discounts as benefits of their membership.

Messaging and push notifications

Keep constant communication with your customers and send them app notifications about your special offers, events or promotions.

Finance and Analytics

Manage fully membership invoicing and payments. Use analytical type reports and dashboard to help you make the right business decisions.

Why have a loyalty program?

Caters to wide categories of industries