Loyalty management software, Reinvented

Qinnovation’s loyalty management is the most innovative and comprehensive customer engagement platform in the market, starting from AED 10,000.

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What is Qinnovation’s loyalty?

A comprehensive customer engagement platform that combines 10 distinct loyalty programs in one single software.

Select the loyalty programs that suit your business needs

Lovelty combines 10 distinct loyalty programs in one single platform

Loyalty Programs Suitable for
acquiring new
Suitable for
retaining existing
Suitable for
Brand awareness
Point Based  
Stamp Offers Program  
Buy One Get One  
Exclusive Deals to First Time Customers  
Exclusive Deals to Existing Customers  
General Promotions  
Referral Program  
Sponsorship and Advertisement  
Personalized Programs  
AI Recommendations  

Why have a loyalty program?

Lovelty platform

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence

Lovelty is the first Loyalty program to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence. Lovelty uses proprietary AI algorithm to calculate customer’s Lovelty score and brand Loyalty score.

How Qinnovation’s loyalty software is different?

A successful loyalty scheme must offer more than pricing discount

All popular loyalty programs in the market offer pricing discount only & do not reward loyalty. Discount based programs eat the merchant’s revenue and do not secure the customer to comeback.

AI Analytics and business insights

Once you sign up on Lovelty portal, you will have access to configure your entire loyalty program and unlock the power to a whole new world of customer loyalty. You will be able to see advanced dashboard, AI scores, and have the insights to make the most optimal business decisions to grow your business.

A successful business is intelligent business

Advanced analytics dashboard is built in to help each merchant optimize the deals offered for maximum revenue and customer happiness. Lovelty’s unique AI engine brings for the first time in the Middle East the power of AI to loyalty.

A successful loyalty scheme must offer more than pricing discount

Through the dedicated merchant portal, each merchant has the power to create the offers and promotions that suit their business need and for the first time personalize promotions and enable social sharing.

Grow your business with Qinnovation’s loyalty software

Caters to wide categories of businesses

Lovelty caters to a diversified set of industries. You can enjoy the amazing features of Lovelty if your business belongs to any of the following categories.