Qinnovation Digital Marketing Box

Why a digital marketing box?

Almost all small and medium size companies require professional digital marketing services to boost their brands, engage with their prospects, and grow their customer base. Such companies can hardly find a suitable marketing agency that can provide them with such services within a reasonable budget. The digital marketing box is designed to meet the specific marketing needs of those companies and provide them with professional level digital marketing services at an affordable price.

What does the digital marketing box include?

The digital marketing box is a packaged comprehensive digital marketing campaign aggressively priced to help you grow your business and give your business the best ROI. The box is designed to boost your brand, generate leads, and increase your revenue.

The box includes a number of advanced digital marketing activities including marketing planning and analysis, intelligent HubSpot digital marketing platform setup, contact segmentation, digital ads, social media marketing, email campaign, SEO review, website traffic analysis, web forms setup, CTA. The box also includes the creation of the required marketing content such as ads to effectively engage with prospects, and convert them into customers.

Which companies can benefit from the marketing box?

The box is best suitable for any small or midsize business. B2C companies may realize results faster than B2B. Below are some service companies that are a good match for the marketing box:

The box comes in two sizes to suit your business requirements and budget. Both essential and elite marketing boxes are similar as the elite just has a longer duration.

Choose Your Marketing Box, Essential or Elite

Activities Activity Description Essential

Marketing planning and analysis

Execute a series of workshops to determine the status of the business and the required strategy for a successful leverage of the marketing box.

Run High Level SWOT analysis

Review company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
2 Days 4 Days

Review and define the 4Ps of marketing

Review and define the campaign's products, pricing strategy, promotion strategy, and the target prospects/markets.

Website review and SEO keyword planning

Review website and define the SEO keywords for the campaign based on the objectives, strategy and products.

Identify the required campaigns to boost the business

Identify the marketing channels, and the ads and marketing activities required.

Digital marketing platform setup

This includes setting up HubSpot marketing starter instance provided with the marketing box.


Hubspot portal configuration includes tracking code installation, email domain configuration, setting up forms for capturing leads, and other activities.
2 Days 3 Days

Marketing Campaigns

After the analysis and the setup, full time will be spent executing the marketing activities.

This is the execution phase of the campaign. Extensive campaigns will be used to generate good business return in terms of leads, conversions, and branding.

Email campaigns

Targeted email campaigns for existing contacts or newly captured leads. Email campaign will be designed to drive conversions. This may include up to 2 email shots per week.

Digital ads *

Digital advertisements on platforms like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Ads will be designed to generate leads, convert leads to customers, or generate brand awareness. All ads will be static image based and they are fully covered as a part of the marketing box.
Up to 3 channels Up to 5 channels

Total Campaign duration **

10 weeks

28 weeks

Total campaign cost

AED 17,000

AED 39,000

Request a call back

Request a call back

*Price of marketing box does not include third party ad platform payments like Facebook, Google, or others.

** Customer can request to renew the box.