Getting Started with Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the world’s most popular digital advertising system. AdWords offers you a wide range of options to target your audience so that you can maximize the Return on Investment from your digital advertising budget. Understanding three basic aspects of AdWords will help you getting started with the platform and earn traffic for your website in no time.

Posting ads with Google AdWords
Before you start with Google AdWords, you need to research and identify your keywords and phrases. How much you bid for the keywords will depend upon how much or less people are using those keywords to search on Google. Here you set the maximum amount that you can bid for those keywords. You can create a search ad and a display ad on the platform.

The bidding is only one part; the relevance of your ad will also contribute to finding the display position and order on Google. All ads have an AdRank based on a quality score and the bid placed. Having strategic landing pages also has an impact on this quality score.

With AdWords, what amount you actually pay when someone clicks on your ad defers from your actual bid. The amount Google will charge you (your Cost Per Click) is calculated based on factors like your own quality score and other advertisers’ AdRanks.

Creating ads on Google AdWords
Creating ads and keeping them organized using Google AdWords also add to the popularity of the platform. You can create ads for various products or services as well as for various campaigns. Once you create a campaign, you can have multiple ads grouped into adgroups. This structure gives you a clear vision of what ads you have, how to track them and what you can use to recycle for future purposes.

This will also help you to plan your content better. As your search ads should be different from the display ads, having campaigns separate will save you a lot of operational time and effort.

The advantages of Google AdWords
The Google Network is not confined to only Google, with Search Partners, Google can display your ads virtually to everyone present online. This extended reach can get your website traffic and leads in an unprecedented way if you can create meaningful ads on the AdWords.

Besides the reach, AdWords also offers benefits like:

  • Targeting audience by a wide range of parameters
  • No minimum advertising spends
  • Payment only when someone clicks on an ad
  • Capability to make changes at any time
  • Choosing when your ads are to be shown
  • Measuring your results by ads or campaigns