How to Generate and Nurture Leads with Lists and Workflows

Marketing automation platforms can make the process of lead generation and nurturing much easier and more effective for marketers. Using features like list creation and workflows you can create a successful lead generation and nurturing system that would give you high quality Marketing Qualified Leads and help close more deals than ever. Here’s how:

Segment Your Database Strategically

Once you have a form submission on your marketing automation platform, pay attention to certain details before you take any further action. Details like job role of the contact, company size, industry etc. will determine how much effort you need to put to convert. Segmenting your contact database based on these and other relevant aspects is the first stage of building a healthy pipeline.

Create Targeted Campaigns

Plan and create targeted marketing campaigns for the segments you want to focus on. Keep in the mind the details, for example if one of your segments consists of marketing managers with fair amount of decision making power, your campaign should show what your offer can do for them and lay out the benefits in details. Launch these segment-specific campaigns to reach the right people with the right information they are seeking. This will help you generate more qualified genuine leads.

Set Workflows To Win More Deals In The Long Run

Workflow is one of the best features in any advanced marketing automation platform like HubSpot. This feature is dedicated to critical marketing efforts like lead nurturing, customer acquisition and retention. Workflows are made up of series of emails and reminder messages. Set up specific workflows to nurture leads with reminder messages, special offers and on. This will help win more deals in the long run.

Segmenting your contacts database, planning and creating campaigns for specific buyer’s persona or setting up workflows are repetitive tasks and can take a lot of time. Marketing automation platforms will set you free from performing them time and again and save a lot of time that you can utilize in other tasks.