How To Manage Social Media Successfully For Business

Today, it is essential for every business to have a strong social media presence. There are so many ways that this can make or break a business. With advanced tools to track and measure performance across platforms, creating a popular social media presence is easy, yet it depends upon your understanding of how the digital arena works.

  • Platforms:
    Each platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Snapchat has its own benefits and features. Choosing the right combination of platforms for your business is the most important aspect of social media management. For example, for a florist shop, posting images of their offerings on Instagram is more important than posting on LinkedIn.
    Understanding your core target sector is crucial for this purpose. Having a clear idea about whom you want to reach and what segment can be most profitable for you will guide you towards choosing the right platform. Also, this will define the kind of social media presence you want to have.

  • Profiles:
    What you choose to put in the profile image or text can determine how your business is being perceived in the digital arena. Sending the right message through compelling images and posts is the key to success in social media.
    Your brand identity is the most important guideline for creating and maintaining any social media profile. What goals you want to achieve through the social presence will be a part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Being an essential part of that strategy, the social media profiles should reflect those goals as well.
    For example, if you are restructuring your business your profile should focus on the new efforts that you are planning to take. Or if you are looking to broaden your follower base your profile should focus on the new target area.
  • Posts:
    Your overall digital marketing strategy and content strategy will determine how and when your posts will go online. Also timing your posts at different hours of the day can get you many views and reactions. Your posts should tell your brand’s story, how and what you are looking to offer with your business in a clear manner. Strategic story telling following the buyer’s journey is the road to take when you are planning your social posts. While quantity is not the most important factor, quality and consistency must be maintained if you are looking for building a strong and loyal follower base for your business.

  • Analytics:
    Like in all business operations, all social media activities should be monitored to get the desired results from the efforts. Whether you are posting ads on the social or posting a blog piece, you can see how each activity is performing by general parameters or those set by you. This will help you plan better and take actions as soon as needed.