How to use Pardot for B2B Marketing Automation

Pardot is a marketing automation platform built solely for the B2B clients. As part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot offers digital marketing solutions that can potentially transform the face of marketing in large and small companies alike. Here are the five areas covered by the platform to deliver end-to-end digital marketing support.

Customizable and automated email marketing
Pardot’s email marketing tool is designed to deliver customized messages to all the segments of the marketing tunnel. Marketers create targeted campaigns and launch them with workflows with responsive templates and built in content available in this tool. You can also create auto-responses and schedule them to be sent to people who fill forms and visit your landing pages.

Targeted actions for better lead generation
Pardot will provide a 360-degree view of your content and how to improve it for better lead generation. With built in templates and drag-and-drop data fields, you can create attractive and effective forms and landing pages without much help from the IT team. You can also schedule your social posts with Pardot and check how prospects are interacting with them and which posts are getting more engagement. Pardot lets you analyze keyword performance for better SEO results with ease. All these actions enhance the process of lead generation.

Lead handling made easy
Many successful B2B marketers use this platform to segment leads in categories to give customized attention to each of them. This personalized approach to lead nurturing helps marketers create focused workflows for all kinds of leads at one place – from the really hot ones to the inactive ones. Once you have created segments with smart and dynamic lists, Pardot can also help you show appropriate offers to the right people at the right time on your website. All these activities being real-time data-backed cannot only save you a lot of time; these will improve the nature of lead management and nurturing to a great extent as well.

Syncing marketing with sales
One of the most powerful aspects of Pardot is it enables sharing of marketing materials with marketing and sales teams. A sales rep can have so much better a chance of closing a deal with the help of pre-approved collection of relevant marketing materials that the marketing people have been using to enhance the power of marketing. Smart marketing and sales reps integrate leads’ information right from the CRM to track the nurturing using Pardot. This saves time and lets them track every call, meeting and even what might have happened between calls. Pardot also generates real time notifications so no information is lost between the marketing and the sales operations.

Advanced ROI reporting
This marketing automation tool lets you connect every action like a YouTube video or a social post to the revenue generated. When done strategically, you can create accurate and comprehensive ROI reports of marketing with Pardot.