Index Websites With Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster is a free web-indexing tool from Google. You can use this tool to check your [website](’s indexing situation for optimized visibility on the web. Webmaster lists four functionalities – Search Appearance, Search Traffic, Google Index and Crawl. The tool is also known as the Google Search Console.

Webmasters utilize this tool to make sure that your website is being found in the right way to your audience by submitting the sitemap. Whenever there is a change in the website, this sitemap needs to be updated. If a sitemap is not updated properly, Google will not be able to index that website in the right way.

Google uses crawlers or programs to scan through web pages for indexing. Webmasters create robot.txt files for their websites and upload them on the Google Webmaster tool. These files tell crawlers which parts of the website content should not be scanned.

Google Webmaster shows errors related to URLs. The error list helps to rectify particular website’s troubled areas for better visibility. Using the “Fetch as Google” feature, webmasters submit individual pages for faster indexing. Webmasters rely on this tool as a definitive weapon to find and rectify errors, update and modify sitemaps and get their websites indexed faster and in the right way.