Marketing Automation with HubSpot

HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales. HubSpot helps companies with digital marketing tools to implement inbound marketing strategies. They offer products for Digital Marketing and CRM, they also offer many extensions for other needs like Sales. The products are often mentioned under one umbrella brand, the Growth Stack.

HubSpot’s solutions utilize SEO, content management, web analytics, social media marketing and many other aspects of digital marketing to create a system of products that covers all digital marketing needs of a company, big or small.

HubSpot Marketing
This solution helps you take care of all your digital marketing activities from one consolidated place in an automated way. From creating and automating processes to measuring performances to optimize your marketing plans you can complete all the digital marketing actions from this single platform. You can personalize your every marketing activity like sending emails and launching particular campaigns using HubSpot Marketing.

HubSpot solutions work on Inbound Marketing principles. That’s why this solution helps you through the entire process of attracting customers, engaging and closing deals with them and keeping them with you using superior brand loyalty. This helps you to prove Return on Investment of Marketing in a definitive way. This particular solution starts from building your website with very little help from the IT. Once that is done, the blog post blueprints will help you to bring the right content to the right person on your website. This helps to drive more traffic to the landing pages ultimately getting you more qualified, genuine leads. Once you sync this information with the sales or CRM platform, you can manage all these leads in a timely manner and convert successfully. You can see and analyze every interaction and lead progress detail in one place, this helps you to track and report improvement.

HubSpot CRM
This solution aligns marketing and sales activities to manage the pipeline efficiently. HubSpot CRM automates tasks like tracking, sending emails, log in activities etc. in a single dashboard. This one stop dashboard saves time to track any individual deal to its minute details. Here you can store up to 1, 000,000 contacts.

The dashboard gives you the opportunity to sort deals according to any parameter you need like account names, accounts won and lost, time and many more. This further helps you to track performance of each deal in real time. You can sync HubSpot CRM with the marketing solution so that you can sync with every email sent, every meeting fixed in an automated way and always maintain a real time log of all your CRM activities.

One of HubSpot’s major extensions is the Sales add on. This solution takes the guesswork away from handling deals and helps your sales team work on genuine leads in a timely manner. This solution records every marketing activity account wise so that you know how a specific lead is progressing. As every activity is automated and logged in in real time, you can track and focus on hot leads and convert them to successful deals.

You can create personalized messages in a well-defined automated process in this platform. You can also create templates for repetitive messages. This solution sends you notifications in real time as a prospect opens and reads an email. This saves time and keeps you updated to take the right action, close more deals and maintain a well-tracked pipeline.

How HubSpot can help you
With all the solutions, separately or as the Growth Stack, HubSpot offers you benefits that can transform your business in a short period of time, with very little effort.

  • Increase business
    HubSpot’s Inbound methodology creates genuine interest and lets you nurture prospects with targeted marketing message sequences. This in turn creates a genuine lead pool. Tools like inbox profiles, prospects tracking, email sequence and tracking help you create and win more deals and grow your business.

  • Increase traffic
    Content is the most important aspect of Inbound marketing strategy. HubSpot helps you get the most out of your content to attract real traffic to your website. With keywords tool and SEO advices and web design templates you can create and modify your website to maximize traffic. Blogging and social media advices, landing pages, calls-to-actions, ads, Salesforce integration are some of the tools you can utilize from the HubSpot solutions to bring traffic to your business.
  • Increase productivity
    All the solutions give you a consolidated dashboard to track, control and launch activities from. You can create personalized email delivery queues for your account segments, place calls from the system itself and record the conversation, book meetings, measure every activity in real time and many more. This not only saves time, but also streamlines your marketing and CRM activities bringing efficiency and effectiveness in the process.
  • Pricing ease
    HubSpot offers various pricing tables to accommodate every business need. This makes the solutions so popular among businesses of all size. With a handful of plug ins, you can customize your own solution to cater to your specific industry and business needs.
  • HubSpot’s clients
    HubSpot caters to very large enterprise firms to small and medium businesses alike. From education, aviation, business services to media, healthcare, to technology, HubSpot serves to almost all industry sectors. Some of their renowned clients are Shopify, Saint Leo University, Amadeus, AmeriFirst, Lynden, Unum to name just a few.