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Manage all your real estate properties from one platform.

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Real Estate

We help client to manage their real estate properties on a single innovative platform. Our solution makes it hassle free and creates operational ease.
Join us to create your own real estate system that helps you get the most out of it, without any hassle.

Residential and commercial property management software solution

Qinnovation Properties is a full enterprise level residential and commercial property management software solution. The system provides full automation and business insights covering tracking of properties, marketing automation, leasing & tenant management, communities management, land & property sales, service management, financial management, and analytics.

The system is built on top of the modern cloud-based software platform from providing the required robustness, richness and ease of use. Qinnovation Properties is suitable for companies with thousands of units looking for a comprehensive and innovative solution that provides customers with a unique business experience.

System Modules and Highlights of Functionalities

We offer solutions that will transform your real estate business into a completely automated, hassle free affair.

Key Business Benefits

Our cloud based enterprise level residential and commercial property management solution offers features that will change the way you handle real estate.

How to get started

Creating a solution for your real estate organization is a simple but important process.

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