Qinnovation helps your business develop a technology strategy that puts you ahead of your competitors. Our intensive experience, and deep knowledge will help us develop a technology strategy unique for your business.

As the majority of organizations still struggle either in identifying the technology their business needs or successfully implementing their technology strategy, succeeding in this area is still a difficult task. On the other hand, companies are overwhelmed with technology vendors pushing products on them without delivering real business benefits.

Qinnovation has helped many organizations overcome the above challenges due to our strong knowledge and experience as both business and technology consultants.

To bring innovations and efficiencies to your business, there are plenty of technology-based solutions you can bring to your business. Technology exists to fit each and every function of your business including solutions to automate your marketing and sales functions, to others that automate the operational core processes, to specific vertical solutions that are specifically designed to give your business a unique competitive advantage.

Qinnovation’s 10 pillars of modern organization

Technology-Based Business Solutions

  • Marketing and sales solutions such as digital marketing, and CRM
  • Mobile solutions to provide unique customer or partner services
  • Web based portal solutions to provide self-services portal for customers and partners
  • Backend business solutions such as accounting and ERP solutions

  • Vertical core application specific for your industry or business model such as E-commerce, health system, lab application, and project planning
  • Reporting, dashboards & business intelligence including data warehouse and analysis to help you make informed business decisions

  • IoT solutions for sensing and controlling external or internal devices
  • AI solutions including machine and deep learning

  • Other technologies such as communications, robotics, etc.

How to get started

To develop a technology strategy for your business, we allocate a number of consulting days with a clear scope and deliverables. During the project, we run a series of workshops to define where your business stands today, where it needs to be, and accordingly develop the strategy as a part of your initiative for transforming your business. During specific projects, we may run as proof of concepts to test specific scenarios.


Qinnovation’s unique strategy project ends with the delivery of a “Vision Scoping Document.” The vision scoping document includes specific list of recommendations. For each recommendation, we include a description, implementation plan, business priority, and cost estimate. A PowerPoint presentation summarizing the vision scoping, which is presented to the executive team.

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