Top 5 Ways That Marketing Automation Will Transform Your Business

Marketers today need to run more campaigns in less time, manage marketing complexities, handle vast amounts of data, track performance, make changes on the go, be creative and deliver results. Marketing automation helps with all of the above. It’s software that enables automating marketing tasks, streamlining operations, building workflows and measuring marketing campaigns.
Let’s look at 5 benefits of marketing automation that can completely transform your business:

  • Lead Scoring and Nurturing:
    Most leads are not sales ready when they come in first. Lead scoring assigns a value to a lead depending on its stage in the buying cycle and level of engagement.
    Nurturing the lead, depending on its stage in the buying cycle, through personalized content and experience, will nudge the lead to becoming your customer.
  • Improving Marketing Efficiency:
    A single platform to plan, design, execute and measure marketing campaigns helps improve all round marketing efficiency by saving time and effort.

  • Building Marketing Scale:
    Marketing activities can be scaled by defining workflows to automate tasks, replicating workflows, scheduling tasks in advance and automating social posting.

  • Simplifies Campaign Analysis & ROI Determination:
    The platform records and organizes every interaction of the lead with your brand. This data in turn helps measure and optimize marketing investments and determine impact on revenue.

  • Building Alignment with Sales:
    The nurtured leads being passed on to sales are now qualified leads ensuring higher conversion rate. Marketing automation platforms also integrate with CRM systems building greater alignment between sales and marketing.