Top 6 Tips To Grow Your Business With Email Marketing

If you think email marketing is spamming – you are right – when it is done in the wrong way. Below are six tips to utilize email marketing in the right way to grow your business. Here goes:

  • Send relevant content:
    Often people use emails as an outdated marketing tool by sending irrelevant content only to get marked as spam. Yet if your email contains offers, messages or information that your recipients are searching for and find relevant, they will not only open the emails, but also they will be eager to receive more from you.
    The success inbound marketing brings to clients depends heavily upon creating and delivering valuable content to the target consumer. Your content, be it an email or a blog post, should be relevant to your target customers, provide value and help them find better ways to get things done.
  • Do your homework well:
    As Inbound marketers, we tell our clients to begin all their digital marketing activities with building solid brand awareness. Consumers engage only with businesses they know. As a business, you should send them emails only when they are aware of your brand and never before that. This is one of the biggest reasons why people mark some emails as spam – they are not aware of the sender as a brand or business.
    Analyze your database based on who are aware of your brand, who is not and who are already engaging with your brand on a regular basis. Segment your contacts based on these broad categories and make sure your emails reach those who already know of you. This customized approach will increase your emails’ efficiency.

  • Keep it short and significant:
    Your goal is to deliver emails that add value to your receivers’ lives. So, keep your emails precise and full of impact, reading them should never cost a lot of time and effort. Nowadays, people mostly check emails on their smart phones hence, the message in the email should be short and clear and well designed to be read on all devices in demand.
    Along with short, well-written messages, your emails should always have clear and strategically designed Calls-to-Action. Responsive, eye-catching CTA’s can really increase the click through rate because they help the readers do what you want them to, without much difficulty.

  • Send them relevant offers:
    Use emails to nurture those leads that have shown interest in your business but are yet to buy from you. Send them special offers on the services or products they are interested in during strategically. For example, prepare a special offer of limited-time 15% off on an item that leads have shown interest in. Nurturing leads to make them finally make the purchase is one of the best benefits of email marketing.
    You can also design special offers for your existing customers. For example, sending a special discount on renewal of service to customers whose subscription is soon to end will be an excellent way to make them continue their business relationship with you. Email marketing is a time-tested method of lead nurturing and remarketing.

  • Grow relations over time:
    The reality of email marketing is no matter how relevant your mails are and how well segmented your list is, a percentage of people will push the unsubscribe button. This means your contact database will grow thinner with each email campaign. That is why a lot of marketers buy email lists and send bulk emails. But most recipients unsubscribe from those lists.
    The simple solution for this problem is to focus on growing your database over time. Invest time and effort to produce content that pulls people to give their permission to mail them. This kind of pull takes time to create a database but this will be the most authentic marketing qualified database that you will ever create.
  • Have marketing goals for your emails:
    Keep a marketing challenge in mind whenever you are composing a marketing email. For example, sending reminder mails to customers whose subscriptions are up for renewal shortly makes more sense than sending them your recent event updates. The value that you are offering in an email should correspond to the marketing challenge it is designed to overcome.