What is Marketo?

Marketo is an enterprise grade engagement-marketing platform purpose-built to grow customer lifetime value through personalized customer engagement at scale. With solutions for customers right from the acquisition to advocacy stage, the platform enables:

Orchestrating Experiences
With Marketo, you can hear customers’ behaviors the moment they happen, decide the next best action to engage them, and convert insights into more effective marketing.

Connecting Seamlessly
Marketo’s robust APIs and webhooks enable connecting to the systems that you need.

Personalizing Conversations
Speaking to customers as individuals can be done, using rich profiles and real-time customer insights ensuring customers only see messages they care about.

Predicting What Works
The platform enables automatically discovering and delivering the right message or offer, in real time, to customers, using machine learning and predictive intelligence.

The Marketo Engagement Platform is comprised of three functional areas that give marketers the flexibility they need to evolve their digital marketing capabilities over time. These include:

Marketo Applications
Engagement applications on Marketo platform enables creating, managing and executing personalized engagement at scale across various customer touch points including email, web, mobile, and more. The applications include:

  • Marketing Automation: To create, automate and measure campaigns across channels

  • Account Based Marketing:For laser focus on account-based marketing

  • Email:To engage customers with relevant conversations in minutes

  • Mobile:To communicate with customers wherever they are

  • Social:To integrate social to find customers and make them advocates

  • Digital Ads:To target the right customers with personalized display ads

  • Web:To interact dynamically with customers on your website

  • Marketing Analytics:To determine marketing impact on the business

  • Predictive Content:To give customers content they want automatically

Partner Applications
Partner applications leverage Marketo’s open and extensible architecture and are available through LaunchPoint®, Marketo’s ecosystem of best-of-breed partner technologies that helps organizations optimize, complement, and expand their use of the platform. The applications cover a wide spectrum including content marketing, video marketing, data enrichment, content localization etc.

Marketo Engagement Marketing Hub
This hub contains customer identities and data and the APIs to bring this data into and out of the platform. This also includes the automation, analytics, and adaptive engines that power customer insights and automated execution across the platform’s applications.

Marketo solutions are secure with high availability and built on modern, big data, SaaS architecture, supporting high-volume activity capture and processing enabling them to undertake large scale one to one personalization.